Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Being a Far Away Mor Mor

It's hard being Mor Mor and PaPa from sooooo far away. I had always hoped to be a constant in my grandbabies' lives - it was my goal. It is still a goal but takes a lot more work and never quite the same as "being there".

One way I have helped myself to be reminded of them everyday was to use my 60th birthday to get everyone together for a family photo. We met in CA and took this picture on a rainy day at Laguna Beach. My idea is to blow it up real big and hang it in a place that I will see them many times a day. It is a physical reminder to pray for each one - individually- specific needs. I love them all so much.

This mother's day was a very weepy day. I hate the stupid Hallmark-made-up holidays like Mother's Day. It is always such a huge marketing tool to make a small minority feel good but a majority of people feel really bad, sad, mad. Now there's even a grandparents day. Geesh. Knock it off Hallmark. I miss them so much it only makes it worse.

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