Sunday, July 11, 2010

On being Mor Mor

Our little grandbabies, Kelsey and Hailey, just left us after 2 1/2 weeks. We were so busy that we are tired but it feels a little empty around here. We did a lot of stuff while they were here. Visited Breckenridge for Kingdom Days and stayed in our neighbors condo for a couple of nights. Then back home for just some normal stuff; running through the sprinklers, swimming at the whale slide pool, playing dress-up and store, chasing bunnies and playing Wii. Kelsey was queen on the tightrope on Wii (as was her mom) and running after the kitty. Papa was the King of skiing stuff and I dominated on hula hoop. Yes! We went to the Children's Museum in Denver one day and then Papa took some time off and we drove to Glenwood Springs. We stayed in the Hotel Colorado and swam in the natural hot springs pools. We took a day trip to Boulder and discovered a wonderful park and watched a magic show and rode a piggy!

Hailey (3) had a hard time saying MorMor. Most of the time I was "her" or "you" but finally I heard her say MoMo (that was close enough). Kelsey and I have so many similar interests that I keep forgetting that she is only 5 years old. She is such a fun girl. The most fun she had was playing "Tea Party" and dressing up - we used the tea set I got for Hope when she was little. She dressed up in Carlee and Sara-Britt's old dance uniforms. Who knew??
It's really wonderful to be Mor Mor!

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Bill said...


Looks like your new life is doing you some good. Take care,

Bill McKaig