Monday, August 16, 2010

For my Sisters...

I love you my sisters.
I don't just love you....I LIKE you too!
I like you because of this and that,
because of what you do and don't do...
but mostly because of who you both are
through and through.

You help me to balance life,
and I help you to do the same.
When the hard rains fall,
I hold an umbrella for you.
When the future gets foggy,
you hold up hopeful signs for me.

Sometimes we don't see each other
for a long, long time.
I'm on an island far away and
you are in the maze of "how do I do life?"
or in the city of work, work, work.

But I know that if you had
a sad something happen to you,
I would zoom to your side.
Or if I ever fell into a big hole,
I know you wouldn't just say,
"That's that!" and walk away.
You'd climb down and help me
no matter how slippy and dark it was.

And I know if one of us
is lost at sea,
the other two would look tirelessly.
And would say, "You're not as lost
as you think you are."
And we would be right.

But...being close isn't all peaches and cream

There are days we truly dislike
each other's snippy ways
or the way someone is truffling and snuffling.
AND there are those days
when someone is not being so sporty either,
and we say, "I need
some peace, go away."

But then...peaceful isn't always
what it is cracked up to be.
A lot of things seems out of balance,
and the world seems somehow harder.
And after a while, even the best reason
to be angry begins to make
no sense at all.

So we talk..
and talk and talk
to make it OK again,
BECAUSE being sisters is bigger
than being angry.
And we say, "let's never fight again."
but we don't really mean it, because
we're just us,
(not a bunch of goody-two-shoes,
or perfect-in-every-way people
who smile all the time and
never get mad).

We all have flaws
and fizzles
and foibles
and we'll be sisters until
the end of always...
because liking is a thing that
grows and grows, even through
the hard parts.

adapted for sisters from "I like You"
by Sandy Gingras

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